Loud Spaces Rules and Expectations 

1.We welcome open and fair debates.

  • This means you are free to express your opinions and beliefs, or host a simple debate.

2.We do not tolerate abuse in any way.

  • This includes the following : Bullying,Harassing,belittling or abusive language.
  • This includes private and public messages, and boards. 

3.We do not allow the following on our website:

  • Hate posts or groups (Do not confuse this with open debates)

4. We do not allow predators in any way shape or form and will investigate reports of profiles extremely carefully.

  • This is a free social network not a gateway to our children or vulnerable adults.

5. This website is for 18+. We do not allow or accept permission slips for any one under the age of18.

6. If your advertising something for free it must be completely free. This means no charge for delivery, gas or other services involved.

If your found to be in violation of our listing policy, we will remove your listing.

7. Do not spam. We will consider the following spam: Links to external websites that are verified as a scam and obvious phishing scams, and posts that obscure or hide information from the general public such as "message me for details".

8. Pornographic material will be immediately removed.

9. Even though you do not need to have an ID to join our website, we do have a few guidelines to verifying requested users-

 If you request to be verified you need to have your legal full name on your profile, a real photo of your self either on profile or submitted, and submit a copy of your ID.

10. We are fair to all; we verify and communicate clearly our intentions and expectations of you,if you violate our rules in any way we will make an attempt to contact you.


The following is a system of removal which involves steps from our administration team:

1. If your account has either been flagged or identified by our team, we will first review the information provided and make an attempt to contact you to correct the issue.

2. A repeat of the situation will require us to contact you and issue you an account warning  limiting your ability to use our website for one day.

3. A repeat offence after recieving an initial warning will lead to a ban for a week.

4. A third offence after initial warning will require us to make contact and remove/terminate your account permanently.


The following system is established for situations requiring immediate action:

Bullying, Scamming, Spamming, Phishing, Pornography and inappropriate behaviour.

We will immediately review an account flagged for any of the above and take action to remove and terminate the account in violation.

Advertisement Policy

While our platform allows completely free advertising campaigns , we do have a few basic rules to follow.

1 All & any request will be monitored and approved manually.

2 All campaign request must follow our rules please refer to the rest of this page.

3 Prohibited content includes but is not limited to the following: Pornography  
External Google Site links  
Any spam, scam or other malicious links with the intent of phishing or gathering data  
Any other advertising that violates our rules or terms

Marketplace Policy

The marketplace is the place sellers & buyers alike can come & find & sell items.

We allow this service free of charge with no commission charge at all.

Our marketplace is subject to the same rules as the rest of the website with the addition of the following rule: If your listing something for free it must be completely free of charge , if your charging a delivery fee or gas you may not list the item as free and must update your listing to reflect such.

Fundraising Policy

We allow fundraising on our website, we however charge a flat rate fee of 2 percent commission for fundraising earned on our platform.